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We need to recognize this and the fact that they have

Posted by akmal4a3smn on March 9, 2015
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But at the end of the day their future viability is tied to the continued consumption of fossil fuels. We need to recognize this and the fact that they have tremendous wealth which they have used to political support. The markets (which have never been free) cannot stop this.

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You entitled to your opinion, but you have been super aggressive about the whole subject in general. Forcing the largest group of people in the world into this tiny box you have created and generalizing them all. I think what Foles did was weird, but it 100% didn hurt anyone by him doing it.

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He was born into a life of riches bred from tax fraud. He spent his whole life lying, cheating, and stealing in order to maintain his image of wealth as he squanders it away through his own ineptitude. He has bankrupted a slew of businesses, has shady Deutsche bank ties to Russia, and has fought tooth and nail to hide his own taxes (despite a 38 year tradition of modern industrial world Presidents providing their returns as a show of, you know, integrity.).

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