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“The way to address some of the problems and challenges of

Posted by akmal4a3smn on May 8, 2015
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Canada Goose Online “The overhead conditions looked like it would be perfect to bowl but the wicket probably didn’t do as much as we thought it would. We’ve done a decent job. Equally, Lancashire will be quite pleased how they’ve gone. They need to engage with the business,” she said.In collaboration with the University of Bern, the Syngenta Foundation has been working to improve Eragrostis tef, commonly known as teff one of the most important cereals in Ethiopia where over 80 percent of the population live in rural areas.The seeds have high protein levels and are much better adapted to drought conditions which is an increasingly common experience in the East African nation.However, the teff plant produces low yields and harvests are not keeping pace with Ethiopia’s increasing population.With modern genetics and improved farming methods, the project aims to increase yields, putting money into farmers’ pockets.Demand and access to markets is also essential, Anthony noted.a new variety is no different to designing anything somebody is going to buy. It involves understanding the marketplace, and who wants to grow it, use it, eat it,” she told IPS.”The way to address some of the problems and challenges of agricultural sustainability in Africa is about encouraging markets to flourish that drive opportunity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We fundamentally believe in market based approaches as a way of trying to meet the Sustainable Goals, finding a business rationale where everybody wins and it keeps going,” Anthony added.Similarly, PABRA is a consortium of 30 bean producing countries in Africa and its improved bean varieties has helped transition the legume from a subsistence crop to a modern commodity.Beans are among the most consumed and widely grown legume in Africa, taking up over 6 million hectares of land Canada Goose Online.