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“The Green New Deal will put the health and well being of our

Posted by akmal4a3smn on March 18, 2015
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BAKER: Practically speaking, the landscape has not changed for the prospect of enacting federal gun control. In the Senate, they don’t have the 60 votes that they need, and there is a pro Second Amendment president in the White House. But what has changed is that we now have a majority of Supreme Court justices who are originalists..

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replica bags blog “I do know its enthusiastic and I welcome all the enthusiasm that is out there, ” she told reporters during her weekly press conference. Pelosi also named the nine Democratic members of the new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis ” and notably left Ocasio Cortez off the list. “The Green New Deal will put the health and well being of our communities first, ” Grijalva said. replica bags blog

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