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The Floating Seahorse

Posted by Irish Manluctao on July 31, 2016
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Part of The Heart of Europe luxury island holiday destination on The World islands development off the coast of Dubai, The Floating Seahorse villas offer a glimpse into next-generation technology that could transform the way homes are built. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter. A 4,004-sq-ft limited signature edition of the Seahorse villas was launched recently with a price tag of Dh12 million, which clearly aims at the luxury end of the market.

Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of Kleindienst Group, which is developing the project, says the floating structure offers a multitude of features and benefits. “It can be fully customised and personalised to suit the buyer’s taste and each Floating Seahorse has special features such as outdoor climate-controlled areas, underwater bedrooms and bathrooms and views of the coral garden and marine life,” says Kleindienst.

While buyers are guaranteed a return on investment of 8 per cent per year for a minimum of five years, many are intrigued by the technology that underpins the dynamics of an underwater villa.

“The biggest challenge,” says Kleindienst, “was creating the perfect underwater panoramic windows using technology that was not yet tested in open sea conditions or in a boat. The developer successfully achieved its goal with an acrylic-based material, which is used in some of the world’s largest aquariums.”

One of the technological highlights of the project is the climate controlled outdoor area, although there are many advanced features that are in place to ensure a sense of luxury, security and energy efficiency, says Kleindienst. “The Signature Edition Floating Seahorse includes subtle linear lights that glow underneath the main deck and reflect on the water, state-of-the-art home intelligence system and an audiovisual entry system.”

The villas are built in a dry dock in the UAE and are then brought to their  final location at The Heart of Europe. The villas offer a vantage view of Dubai’s skyline on the horizon, while providing stunning underwater views, including a coral garden spanning 600 sq ft, as one level of the structure is totally submerged. “Unlike boats, The Floating Seahorse incorporates zero discharge technology to maintain water quality and protect marine life,” says Kleindienst. “Furthermore, the developer is creating a coral reef within the project, which will comprise over 100,000 corals. This is being created to attract and feed marine life and protect endangered species like the seahorse.”

The Signature Edition Floating Seahorse was launched during an exclusive one-day sales event, hosted by Khaled Ali Al Shawy of JK Properties, part of Kleindienst Group. “Being in a floating villa is fun and similar to sitting in a big aquarium filled with all sorts of marine life that I can explore and learn more about day by day,” says Al Shawy, who at just 15-years old is the youngest Emirati real estate trainee in the company. “I invite all adventurous holiday home lovers to own a dream home like no other.”

With the World Expo 2020 in the horizon, the next few years will be an exciting time for Dubai’s real estate market and Kleindienst believes projects such as The Floating Seahorse will have a real impact on the market.

“We expect the market to continue growing, especially in the tourism sector. The Heart of Europe will be fully complete before Expo 2020 and over the next few years will create thousands of jobs in Dubai,” says Kleindienst.

“The first luxury island resort to open on The World islands, The Heart of Europe expects an influx of additional tourists from all corners of the globe from those who wish to visit an authentic European destination in the Middle East.”

Only a limited number of units are available for purchase, according to the developer. Buyers will receive a complimentary deluxe suite at The Cote d’Azur Hotel, a beachfront hotel on The Heart of Europe. “We appreciate our customers who are investing in a development unlike any other in the world, and so for our Signature Edition we decided to include a deluxe beachfront hotel unit to reward their full trust in us.”

Source: Karen Osman Special to PW