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Taking cover behind a car parked in the driveway

Posted by akmal4a3smn on August 3, 2015
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That sort of messed with me a little. I loved her dearly and her death was very sudden. We kept her ashes in a nice urn in the house under a painting she had done herself. Easier done than said, taramasalata is carp roe and cauliflower whipped into a pale pink cloud and garnished with a teaspoon of steely paddlefish caviar. Pureed yellow split peas, bold with saffron, are spread like sunshine on the plate, then finished with a stripe of pine nuts and black garlic, the fermented version of the stinking rose. Roasted, smoked eggplant, red peppers, assertive feta cheese and toasted walnuts inject swagger into the chunky melitzanosalata.

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