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Sure they don’t identify as one but that’s because it isn’t a

Posted by akmal4a3smn on August 21, 2015
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Really now? Because the vast majority of guys I know are incels. Sure they don’t identify as one but that’s because it isn’t a popular thing. Forever alone is more popular. You know that Corvettes came standard with Turbo 350s for a while, right? I don mean a turbocharged SBC, I mean a GM automatic transmission.And since when have automatics not been a favorite of the drag race? Traditionally speaking, automatics were prized in drag racing muscle cars because you don have to nail a shift. Try living your life paying 7 bucks a gallon for fuel, matched with 20% sales tax on your car, matched with yearly registration on your engine displacement (your Audi is like 500 a year to register in my country, compared to what like 200 bucks there?)Europeans are somewhat forced to drive small diesel shitboxes thanks to predatory taxes. Same thing with manual gearboxes, they’re cheaper to buy and until recently have returned better MPG.If Europe had America’s tax freedom, it’d be all automatic trucks and SUVs here too.Don’t listen to your college classmates who want to “be more like europe”, yet haven’t made or paid real money in their life.More engaging driving experienceBetter control (not just what gear, but also how smoothly that gear engages)Better resale value (on anything performance oriented, go price out CTSVs with manuals vs Autos, or 540s, or literally any enthusiast car before you argue with meFaster (prior to 2009 or so, roughly, most autos had less gears)Better MPG (Prior to 2009 or so, roughly, most autos had less gears)For newer cars, yeah, the auto might be marginally faster and get better mpg, but if it an enthusiast car, I having a hard time trying to think of one where an automatic would hold better resale value than a stick.guys can pretend it all gate keeping but the market has spoken.

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