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Some have all but declared the company quest dead

Posted by akmal4a3smn on March 1, 2016
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There were a few things with their waiver/free agency search list that i remember really bothered me. This was one of the main problems that convinced quite a few ppl to want to switch to yahoo bc a lot of the where to get cheap jerseys reddit ppl in that league didnt realize how bad espn was. One of them i can kinda recall was there was a lot more data in the yahoo list so some ppl wanted to switch to yahoo while others argued that would even the playing field and you should have to work to do your research..

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Last week was filled with huge WR performances, and while some were from preseason fantasy stars (Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Adam Thielen), not all WR1s helped their owners (DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Mike Evans) despite teammates going off. We try to balance things out in our Week 6 WR rankings because we know that things have a way of, well, balancing out. Evans (vs.

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