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So we think this is dangerous; we can’t really let it go on

Posted by akmal4a3smn on November 17, 2014
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“For a transit to occur, the sun, Mercury, and Earth all have to line up directly. But Mercury’s orbit is inclined by about 7 degrees compared with Earth’s. So there are only two spots where the two planets could conceivably line up with the sun the places where Mercury crosses the Earth’s orbital plane..

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Canada Goose Online Shattered by his death, his daughter Erin Lee Carr, an up and coming documentary filmmaker at age twenty seven, began combing through the entirety of their shared correspondence items in total. What started as an exercise in grief quickly grew into an active investigation: Did her father’s writings contain the answers to thequestions of how to move forward in life and work without your biggest champion by your side? How could she fill the space left behind by a man who had come to embody journalistic integrity, rigor, and hard reporting, whose mentorship meant everything not just to her, but to the many who served alongside him? In All That You Leave Behind, David Carr’s legacy is a lens through which Erin comes to understand her own workplace missteps, existential crises, relationship fails, and toxic relationship with alcohol. As the creator of the “Cathy” comic strip, Cathy Guisewite found her way into the hearts of readers over 40 years ago, and has been there ever since. Canada Goose Online

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