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Schneider describes the water situation as critical in the

Posted by akmal4a3smn on March 1, 2015
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Care for the environment provides a life skill, said had the stigma of being in a place rife with drug addiction. Today in Ovalle we are known as the school with the most programs. We placed third in science, she said.Jaime described the experience as because it has offered to grow and create awareness among children and the entire community about the importance of caring for water and other resources.”Geographer Nicols Schneider, founder of the “Un Alto en el Desierto” Foundation, told IPS that his non governmental organisation estimates that one million litres of greywater have been recovered after eight years of work with rural schools in Ovalle.In this arid municipality with variable rainfall, 37.6 mm of rainwater fell in 2018 well below the normal average for the 1981 2010 period of 105.9 mm, Catalina Corts, an expert with Chile meteorology institute, told IPS from Santiago.Schneider describes the water situation as critical in the Coquimbo region, which is on the southern border of the Atacama Desert and where 90 percent of the territory is eroded and climate change, it is raining less and less and when it does, the rainfall is very concentrated.

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