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Previously, the antelope was confined to the southern part of

Posted by akmal4a3smn on January 22, 2015
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Fewer than 600 wild hirola remain, confined to a small area in Kenya.Hunting and predation killed many, while the animals’ range became restricted by habitat loss and an increase in human settlements and farms rearing livestock.That left few animals surviving in a small area along the border between the River Tana in Kenya and the River Juba in Somalia.The collapse of the Republic of Somalia in 1991 precipitated a massive influx of refugees into Kenya.”The majority of the Somali refugees were resettled in Garissa district which is part of the hirola’s natural range,” says Yakub Dahiye of the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi. “The presence of large numbers of refugees increased poaching activities and general insecurity of the area.”In 1997 significant flooding caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon covered the region.In response to both, many large mammals including the hirola migrated either to higher or quieter areas.Then conservationists started receiving exciting reports of hirola in northern Garissa, an area outside of the antelope’s known historical range, suggesting that the antelope was migrating to safer territory. Previously, the antelope was confined to the southern part of the district.So to check the authenticity of the reports, Dahiye performed an extensive survey of the region.For six days, he travelled more than 1100km criss crossing the northern cheap canada goose Garissa, observing and recording from the top of a moving vehicle the identity and locations of wildlife in the area.

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