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For instance, the main way most people start their aggression

Posted by akmal4a3smn on May 11, 2015
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8 From leading the sack race to King of Rome is a week, Eusebio Di Francesco has found a formula that gets the best out of his charges, and he seems convinced enough by it that he’s going to stick with it. It was great to see him give Kluivert a chance to start on such a big stage, while playing Cristante behind Pellegrini was a counter intuitive but inspired move. More please..

I Coldhands, a regular tournament player and top 8 in last season ESL UK Premiership. I saw a lot of interest on a line up building guide in the post on diversifying the sub, so I thought I share my process. I go through how I make a line up from scratch and the 5 main types of line up I come across, detailing their strengths, weaknesses and tech choices..


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If Browser shows up high on the list, you may need to consider how much web browsing you do on the phone. Also watch out for keeping multiple windows open, as this can cause more drain with two pages loaded at the same time, especially if advertisements refresh on those pages. While in the Browser app, press the Menu button and then select Windows to see how many open web browser windows are running, and then press the X button next to each window to close the ones you don need..

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