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Dubai ranks among top 10 green cities in the world

Posted by Irish Manluctao on July 10, 2016
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Dubai has been ranked among the best 10 global cities for green building, ranking eighth on the list, with a score of 43.5 percent in the ‘green building efficiency and performance’ category, according to white paper published by Solidiance, a management consultancy firm.

Paris, Singapore and London are ranked among top three global cities for green buildings. The white paper assesses and compares the performances of the top 10 global cities, particularly, with regards to green buildings.

The assessment of global cities for their green building performance is based on four categories – city-wide green building landscape, green building efficiency and performance, green building policies and targets and green city culture and environment.

Three of these categories centre on total number of green buildings, performance and initiatives, while one category focuses on the green initiatives and performances. The research, assessment and evaluation undertaken for the white paper results in the ranking of global cities, based on their green building performances ranked Paris on top, followed by Singapore, London in the third place, Sydney forth and Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai.

The findings revealed that Paris and Singapore were the only cities that ranked among the top five in each category, and took the top spot in all four assessments. These cities showcased strong building efficiency and performance, indicating both local and international certification standards, continuing to yield high performance on green buildings.

The global cities were assessed based on their green building landscape, defined as the total number of green buildings and green building certification systems in use.

When evaluating the citywide green building landscape based on 10 global cities, the research identified London, Singapore and Paris as the top scorers. London had the highest percentage score of green building projects with 68 percent, among the global top ten cities, while Paris followed close behind with 64 percent and Singapore with 48 percent.

Paris also stood first for its very low percentage of carbon emissions, which attributes to the city’s built environment. The level of energy used in buildings in Singapore and Paris were lowest in the list, indicating the level of eco-consciousness.

Meanwhile, the New York City did not fare well in this category, with the mega city accounting for highest building energy consumption (80 percent), and emits a larger volume of CO2, marking poor performance on Green Building Efficiency and Performance dimension.