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‘Cottage Gardener’ 1860 page 379

Posted by akmal4a3smn on July 26, 2015
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The next spring, Charlotte’s 514 children are hatched, but leave the farm, causing Wilbur to become saddened to the point of wanting to run away. Just as he is about to do so, the ram points out that three of them did not fly away. Pleased at finding new friends, he names them Joy, Nellie, and Aranea, but as much as he loves them, they will never replace the memory of Charlotte..

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In 1868, Williams Middleton restored the roof to the south flanker at Middleton Place, and converted it to the main residence. He lacked the money for major restorations, however, and managed to obtain only limited success as a large scale planter. After his death in 1883, Middleton Place passed to wife, Susan.

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